January Challenge

I know, I know it seems cliché the whole “new year, new you” thing and honestly I don’t really believe in that. I do believe in setting intentions for your year, and reflecting on what you’ve learned over the past year. A lot of New Year’s resolutions include ‘becoming fit or healthy”, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, my goal is to focus on happiness. Happiness can include becoming healthier or becoming more fit, but it takes away the emphasis on appearance, and for me that’s important. In 2017 I became a vegan, and this was such an important decision for me. I was already “plant-based” because I believe food can heal your body and you find the most nutrients in your veggies; however, becoming vegan had to do with me accepting the reality of farmed-animals and deciding that I didn’t think it was right. Prior to this I was a vegetarian, and prior to that a meat eater, and I always thought “I can’t give up my steak” or “I can’t give up my cheese”, until I saw the actual price of those things. Once I accepted the reality of cheese, meat, eggs, and all animal bi-products I decided that I wouldn’t participate in that. You vote with your dollar, and so I have been voting vegan. I was also so touched and moved by the reality of farmed animals, that I wanted to do my part through my actions. For me that meant starting this blog, sharing recipes, and having conversations with people about why I’m a vegan, and why I think they should be one too.

I have met resistance, and at times my family and friends have told me “Heather, don’t become one of those annoying vegans”, and I get it because I have also felt that way. Until I was ready to accept how farmed animals are treated, beaten, neglected, torn apart, and brutally murdered against their will, I would have none of it either. But I go on, I keep on showing the videos, and having the discussions, and finally this had paid off.

For the month of January my mom and my husband have agreed to give up all animal bi-product and eat only what I make them. This makes me so happy, but it also means I will be doing a lot more cooking. If I haven’t shared on here, like many of you I am very busy. I work full-time, I have a very active three-year-old, a husband, and I’m in the last year of my Master’s degree. Needless to say this endeavor will take A LOT of time and A LOT of planning. So I have decided to share my weekly meal plan with all of you, take you through the prep with me, and share my grocery list and the cost of feeding four vegans full-time. I will post my first weekly-meal plan on Sunday Dec 31st, and I hope it inspires some of you to join.


grocery shop

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